My name is Miguel Sandoval and I created Kidney Art Works in order to showcase my artwork. I've been creating art for many years. I love creating unique pieces and have used a variety of techniques through the years, whether it's through pencil sketches, watercolors, oil paints, and even marker art. 


Why Kidney Art Works?

I was born with kidney dysplasia, which prevents my kidneys from growing their normal size. At the age of 10 I was put on dialysis and by 13-years-old I received my first kidney transplant. 


In 2015, my transplanted kidney began to fail, so again I had to be placed on dialysis and I am currently waiting for a kidney transplant. I've struggled to accept that I depend on a machine in order to live, but art has helped me stay focused and motivated me in living my life as normal as possible.


Due to having failing kidneys, I also have a thyroid problem and low blood pressure, which many times confines me to my bedroom, where I spend most of my afternoons when I'm not feeling well.


I created this website as a way to showcase my artwork and to also share my personal experience on my blog about my everyday struggles with kidney disease.


I hope you join me in my journey, check out my artwork, read my blog, share my site, and if you're struggling with the same issues as I am, reach out to me! I'm always looking to make new friends and acquaintances.